Accurately measurement the correct volume of detergents and chemicals with an automatic soap dosing kit available for all leadings brands of commercial washing machines

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What is auto-dosing?

When operating a laundry room you will know the importance of using the correct chemicals in the correct quantity. Our laundry dosing systems are set up to accurately dose the right amount of detergent into your commercial washing machine.

This reduces heavy-lifting, spillages and staff contact with detergents and as well as being safer for your business it also reduces waste. MAG Laundry Detergents have been proven to provide a better quality wash while consuming a lower volume of detergent liquid.

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Auto dosing pumps can be used across multiple products such as bio detergent, fabric conditioners, stain removers and emulsifiers. By selecting and using the right level of detergents you can improve the look, feel and lifespan of your laundry, linen and industrial washing machines.

Benefits of Auto Dosing

Reduces Heavy Lifting

Avoid manual handling for your staff who will no longer need to pour detergents into the washing machines as the automatic dose will be accurately be input by the equipment.

Less Spillages

The more you handle detergents the more chance there is of spillages or accidents. An auto-dosing solution reduces your contact with detergent products.

Safer for Business

By eliminating staff contact with chemicals and detergents you take away the risk of any harmful side-effects and accidents.

Reduces Waste

No more overloading or underloading the incorrect quantity of detergents. The perfect amount (ml) of detergents will be selected by the machine every cycle for the best wash results.

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