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Sports Clubs

We understand the importance of clean sports kits, socks, shirts, and shorts for football clubs, rugby clubs, and other sports teams. That's why we offer laundry detergents specifically designed to treat synthetic fibers and clean technical fabrics. These specialized detergents are essential for removing sweat and the acidic pH it creates in your workout clothes, ensuring your laundry smells fresh and clean every time.

MAG Laundry Detergents
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Our laundry detergents are in another league to other suppliers! Getting the best results on the first wash can help sporting companies like you save time and money on re-washing tough mud or other stains. With a proven track record in tennis associations, gyms, football + rugby clubs and more, MAG Laundry Detergents are ranked #1 in our industry.

Our laundry products are formulated to remove both visible and invisible dirt from your favourite jerseys and other clothing items that may be dirtier than they appear. Trust us to provide you with the specialized laundry solutions your sports club needs to keep your gear looking and smelling great.

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