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If you need a high-quality laundry detergent for your animal care business, look no further! Our non-biological liquid detergent is perfect for washing all types of washable items, including rugs, sheets, and numnahs. It can be used for both machine and hand washing, and remains active even at low temperatures, making it an ideal choice for washing horse rugs.

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Our product is trusted by professional rug cleaners and can be used not just for horses, but also for washing your dogs’ beds, coats, and blankets. It leaves a lightly scented fragrance for a fresh and clean smell.

However, it’s important to note that regular detergent or fabric conditioner should not be used, as they may compromise the laminate waterproofing of the rug. Instead, choose a laundry detergent designed for washing delicates, or a recommended rug cleaning product that is specifically formulated to revitalise waterproofing.

Our laundry detergent is perfect for animal care businesses, including vets, veterinary clinics, and equine facilities. With our product, you can easily re-proof and waterproof animal bedding and clothing, ensuring optimal cleanliness and comfort for your animals.

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