Fake Tan and Make-Up Alone Lead to £2 Million Worth of Hotel Linen Waste

June 13, 2023 · Written by Daniel Holland · 2 comments

Fake Tan and Make-Up Alone Lead to £2 Million Worth of Hotel Linen Waste

The staggering amount of hotel linen wasted annually due to the presence of fake tan and make-up alone amounts to nearly £2 million. Recognizing this issue, MAG Laundry Detergents has taken significant steps to combat this problem through the utilization of our Award-Winning Chemicals and revolutionary Auto Dosing Equipment.
At MAG, we understand the importance of reducing unnecessary waste and preserving valuable resources. Our team has developed a comprehensive procedure and program that addresses the specific challenges posed by fake tan and make-up stains on hotel linen. By implementing our innovative solutions, hotel owners and operators can save thousands of pounds each year while simultaneously contributing to a more sustainable future.
Our Award-Winning Chemicals have been specifically formulated to tackle the stubborn stains left behind by fake tan and make-up. These powerful detergents are designed to effectively remove even the most deeply ingrained marks, ensuring that hotel linen remains clean, fresh, and presentable to guests. With MAG Laundry Detergents, there is no need to discard linens prematurely, as our chemicals restore them to their original state, extending their lifespan and reducing unnecessary waste.
To further streamline the laundering process, we have introduced groundbreaking Auto Dosing Equipment. This cutting-edge technology ensures precise and optimal detergent dosing, eliminating the risk of overusing or underusing chemicals. By accurately measuring and dispensing the required amount of detergent, our Auto Dosing Equipment guarantees efficient cleaning while minimizing product waste and associated costs.
By following our recommended procedure and implementing our program, hotel owners and operators can significantly reduce their expenses related to linen replacement. The savings can amount to thousands of pounds annually, positively impacting their bottom line. Moreover, by actively participating in waste reduction efforts, they contribute to the preservation of valuable resources and promote a more sustainable approach within the hospitality industry.
Choose MAG Laundry Detergents and join us in making a difference. Together, we can combat the wasteful disposal of hotel linen and establish a greener, more efficient future.

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2 responses to “Fake Tan and Make-Up Alone Lead to £2 Million Worth of Hotel Linen Waste”

  1. George says:

    Fake tan stains are a nightmare for so many hotels!

    • Mark Dennis says:

      We sincerely appreciate your feedback, George. We are confident that our products can significantly mitigate the issue in the majority of cases, with a potential reduction of up to 95%. We are proud to share that several clients have experienced remarkable success after transitioning to our laundry detergent products.
      If you would like more information or would be interested in trying our products firsthand, we would be delighted to provide you with complimentary samples. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team, and they will gladly assist you.
      Thank you once again for your valuable input.

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